Lee Kay-Barry

is an abstract expressionist painter based in central London. Having graduated in Fine Art at the University of Leeds, he has since exhibited internationally and collaborated with esteemed institutions such as Royal Academy of Arts and managed artist residencies in London. He also specialises in graphic design and videography.

Artist Statement

Companionship is an integral theme in his work as he is fascinated by how our bodies interact, transition and turn with each other in the space around us.

Although his work is not factual, it aims to seek a higher truth in the human condition, as there are no boundaries to surface, shape or form and leans on the side of absurdity. The subjects and environments in his paintings are often dictated and influenced by domestic settings and familiar environments.

He aims to create a sense of continuous action through abstraction and he feels impelled to capture the fluidity of life.

He treats his work as an ongoing series of autobiographical documents that share moments and memories which can be lost or forgotten in time.